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Thank You, Criticism! :)

In my mind, criticism for us is just like an iron for clothes. An iron makes the clothes hot. I don’t know what will the clothes feel if they have a feeling, but I’m sure it is hot and maybe it is also paining. But, what is the effect for clothes? Yeah, the ironed-clothes always look neatly. So does the criticism. Sometimes, when I hear a criticism for me, I feel it is so paining. Waaa, what he or she means by saying a painful word for me? But, in a long term, I’m happy to hear the criticism. If a cloth becomes neat, I’m sure, by a good criticism, I also will be a better person.

Criticism for me is very important although sometimes I feel so pain. I love people who say their criticism for me. But, I disappoint they who tell my weakness or talk about me on a social media. It is extremely disappointing. It will be better, if they take me on a sit and tell what really bad about me. I know, he or she who says the real me is a good friend for me. I believe, he or she says them for me because he or she wants me be a better one. I always listen the bad words and smile happily. But, although they talk about me on a social media, I still appreciate them, because in a long term, I really evaluate my self. I also say thanks for them.

Actually, when a people critisize me, I have many feeling. Like I’ve told before, sometimes I feel so pain, but sometimes I also feel so happy, and sometimes I just smile, don’t know what I feel. But, at all I feel so happy, because it means that, they care about me. I feel so pain, when they critisize with a painful word. They look like just critisize me, but have no desire to make me become better. I feel so happy if they say them honestly with a full smile. So, even if I know I’m wrong, his or her smile makes me know what must I do. And I don’t know what I feel if they talk something about my principal. Why I have to be like what people say if I have my own principal? Criticism is important, but being our self also important. We also have to be critical in a way to response a criticism for our self.

So, what will I do?

Of course, I will evaluate my self. Why do they say like that about me? I will be objective, not only for their criticism but also for my self. Because, when some people say something about me, I often being subjective. I don’t believe with my self and just believe people words about me. So, I try to be objective. I must be critical. If, they are right and I’m sure I will be better if I change my self, I will change my self. But, sometimes, I will ignore all bad words about me, because I have a principal on it. For example, many people say that I’m a bla bla bla people. I just silent, although sometimes I feel so pain by their words. Why? Because, actually I’m not like what they think about. I just do my best.

For me, there are two types of criticism. Constructive criticism and destructive criticism. Connstructive criticism increases our spirit to be a better one. For example, a critical from a lecturer if we always come late to the class. It makes us change our habit, and come punctually then. Destructive criticism makes us lose our spirit and also our confidence. For example, a student who wants to be a diligent student. Before, he is a very lazy person. Then, many other students say “I believe you can’t. You’re not like a diligent student, you prefer be a lazy student.” That kind of criticism must be off from our ears, our heart, and our mind. We must go away if we believe something that is critisized by everyone is something that make us better.

Yeah, sometimes we also need to close our ears from a bad word to be a better one, but they who can open their ears to hear a bad word about their self to be better is the real better. Even what they say is real or not. I also believe criticism usually comes because of a different culture, if we have a principal on it, why must we follow what people say. People can say their words about me, I can repair my self.  But I also can choose to be my self because I have a principal.

At all, I say thank you for every criticism for me. I’m learning from it. And I love it. The real true friend always says the truth to his or her friend not only when we do a right thing but also when we do a huge false.


Novi Ahimsa Rosikha

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