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I Will Be (Spirit For My Self)

Look! I’m not a little girl who cried for an ice cream or chocolate. Look, I don’t want sacrifice my tears again. I wanna be a little girl with a great thinking as a great woman, a real woman, such as Fatimah Azzahra. Just look at me now. I’m not like yesterday. Can’t you see a shiny day likes an umbrella in my life? When a rainy day is coming, I will hide the rainfall, save it in a hidden place of my heart. Can’t you believe it?

Give a spirit for my spirit! Cause no other can throw this pain except me. I know you can, but not now, or never?? I don’t wanna think about it. Now, I wanna look my self, I wanna change my mind from sadness cause happiness is more beautiful. Yeah, I’m an ‘up-down’ girl, but I hope this note can remember me that I must be up. Cause, now is time to be……. 🙂

Never give up, Ahimsa, you will be Ahimsa Azaleav like you want. Try, try and do…!! No one knows the probability in future. Do, do, do, do the best you have! Allah will give a special surprise for a big hope and action. I will be.

Setiap tawa yang merenung kadang menyakitkan, lalu mengusik merintih menjalari perih yang mendayu-dayu. Sering aku jatuh dalam perih itu. Tapi perih itu pula yang mengingatkanku bahwa aku harus mengobatinya. Buku biru ini. Ya, suatu saat aku ingin buku biruku bercerita. Hingga lepas serpihan perih. Lihatlah, aku bukan gadis kecil yang menangis untuk sebuah es krim atau cokelat. Aku akan berdiri menatap matahari pagi ini lalu tersenyum mengintip bintang malam ini dan kugapai hujan dengan buku biru ini. 🙂


Pojok Biru 2

Thursday, October 28, 2010

4:24:19 PM


*sedang tidak jelas.. tetapi ingin selalu seperti ini (?) jika suatu saat aku mengeluh lagi, tolong siapapun ingatkan aku, sindir aku dengan kalimat-kalimat di atas.. cause a best friend always says the truth to his/ her friend not only when we do a right thing but also when we do a huge false.

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